Online Pokies and Money Management

Computers seem to have become the new TV. These days, growing numbers of people go online rather than switching on the television when they want a break from their busy routine. It’s true that the Internet is a great source of easily accessible, fun and relaxing entertainment. And online casinos, the virtual version of the familiar casino scene of a glamorous club room full of roulette wheels, slot machines and blackjack tables, offer some of the most action packed entertainment on the Internet. Playing the online pokies, slot machine games Australian style, can be a great way to forget about your cares for an hour or two. However, it is important to make sure that your gaming doesn’t add to your worries, by breaking your budget and piling up debt.

Setting Priorities

When managing your money, it is essential to remember one thing. Casino gaming is a luxury, not a necessity. In order to make a sensible budget, first look at your household income and make sure you cover all your basic needs, including food, housing, transportation and clothing. Set aside a prudent financial reserve in case of emergency, as well. This must all be taken care of before you even begin to allocate any money for your entertainment fund. Only then should you designate a certain amount to spend on online pokies or whatever your game of choice may be. To avoid any disputes or bad feelings, make sure your spouse is aware of and agrees with this figure.


Once you have established a budget amount to spend on online gaming, stick to it. Don’t let yourself be swayed in the middle of an especially exciting pokies session to spend money you can’t afford. If you seem to be on a losing streak but would like to continue playing a bit longer, bet the minimum. This will allow you to continue with the game for a while at a minimal cost. Just as you set a maximum amount to spend, it’s important to set an upper limit for any potential wins. If you are fortunate enough to be faced with a winning streak, you will then be encouraged to quit while you are ahead rather than continuing to wager until you lose drastically.

Important Points

Online casino games are for pure entertainment purposes. They are set up so the house has an edge, which is necessary for the Internet casinos to continue in business. What this means for you is that you are likely to lose more than you win. Budget a manageable amount for your online pokies as a leisure time expense, and don’t count on winning this money back. If you find yourself consistently overspending and even borrowing money you don’t have to feed your pokies habit, you may have a problem. Don’t be ashamed to seek outside help.